Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I love bugs!

Yeah, bugs are the best! This is an original graphite. 4x6 on bright white vellum finish bristol paper.

Doodle Patten

This is another surface pattern idea. I feel like my doodles want to be patterns. And I always listen to my doodles.

Endless Summer

It's hard to believe summer is over. But in my head, it doesn't have to go away. This will end up in an original work in some way.

Robots and Monsters!

This is a surface pattern idea I am working on.

Painted Floppy Disk

Painted floppy disk. Acrylic and graphite.
I just love painting on old stuff, especially old technology. Yay for giving something considered useless a new lease on life!

Jimmy's AR

Jimmy's AR. It's strange how this progressed. I was burning out on my cartoons one day so decided to just sketch my water bottle sitting there staring at me on my desk. You know. Just a serious drawing exercise for a change up. Next thing, some recent reading on AR (augmented reality) took over my stream of consciousness and I'm letting those cartoons back in to populate my desktop sketch thinking, "what would my desk look like with my characters and worlds populating it?" Resistance is futile. This is my augmented reality.

Say it. Don't spray it!

Even clementines need a cause.